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Get 100% efficient IV fluids at home in Dubai, UAE. Book at home IV fluids service for dehydration by licensed & trained infusion nurses.

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Saline Intravenous drip at Home

Intravenous infusion is a medical procedure that involves the administration of fluids straight into a patient’s vein. Only licensed and trained health care personnel, such as infusion nurses, are permitted to provide intravenous infusions.

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Types of IV fluid at home

IV Injections

IV bolus, involve the rapid injection of a single dosage of medication into a vein.

IV Infusions

IV infusions are used to provide treatment over time both gently and constantly.

1. Drip infusions: It involves hanging a fluid bag from a drip stand that is connected to your IV line.

2. Pump infusion: Pump infusion is the process of attaching a pump to your IV line to precisely regulate the distribution of medicine into your body over time.

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    Most frequent questions & answers on IV fluids

    Constant hospitalization may be a stressful and disturbing experience. Home IV infusions can result in an earlier discharge, fewer hospitalizations, and a reduction in the risk of hospital-acquired infections, all while keeping patients comfortable.

    Home health infusion services will assist you in receiving intravenous infusions comfortably at your home. Before your treatment, a qualified physician or medical practitioner will consult with you via Telehealth. Then, qualified medical experts (registered nurses and physicians) will connect you to an IV specifically prepared to alleviate your condition or to administer the wellness treatment you’ve requested.

    The procedure of administrating IV saline fluid at home

    To administer these fluids, a tiny needle (named a butterfly) will be placed beneath your skin. It is often placed in the abdomen, thigh, or arm. A transparent sterile plaster will be used to fix the needle. Throughout your treatment, you will be visited at least twice daily by a nurse skilled in drip care. If you believe you require advice or assistance with a treatment-related issue, contact our team that will be treating you.

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