Influenza (Flu) vaccine at home in Dubai 2022

Influenza vaccine cost is reasonable but home care vaccination services ensure that you get a quality effective vaccine in the safety of your home.

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Influenza (Flu) Shot At Home Dubai

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What are the benefits of flu vaccination?

Each year, there are numerous reasons to receive an influenza (flu) vaccine. The best approach to protect yourself and your loved ones from the flu and its potentially serious complications is to get vaccinated.

You can avoid becoming sick with the flu if you get vaccinated.

Several studies show that flu vaccination reduces the severity of disease in persons who get sick after being vaccinated.

The flu vaccine can help to lower the risk of flu-related hospitalisation.

For patients with certain chronic health issues, flu vaccine is an effective preventive measure.

Pregnant women can benefit from flu immunisation both during and after their pregnancy.

Flu vaccination may also protect those around you.

Influenza Vaccine At Home Service

You can get your annual seasonal flu shot in the comfort of your home. For this purpose, you can book an appointment at our health care vaccination centre in Dubai, and nursing staff will come to your location.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), everyone over the age of six months should receive an annual flu vaccination. If you are at a high risk of having flu-related problems, you must get the shot.

The fall season is the best time to get an annual flu shot. If possible, get the shot by the end of October.

Following people should not receive the flu vaccine:
1. Children of less than 6 months
2. Previous history of allergies to the vaccine or having a severe allergy to any vaccine component.

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