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The varicella-zoster virus causes chickenpox, a highly infectious illness (VZV). It might result in a rash that is itchy and blistery. The rash begins on the chest, back, and face, then spreads across the body, resulting in 250 to 500 painful blisters. Chickenpox may be dangerous, especially in infants, teenagers, adults, pregnant women, and those whose bodies are less capable of fighting infections and illness (weakened immune system). The chickenpox vaccination is the most effective strategy to avoid the disease.

Difficulties can be caused by chickenpox?

Chickenpox usually goes away after a week, but significant complications might arise, requiring hospitalization or even death. Complications might include:

Skin bacterial infections


Infections of the brain

Infections of the bloodstream


What is a chickenpox vaccine?

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The chickenpox vaccine is a shot that can prevent chickenpox in almost everyone who gets it. The varicella-zoster virus causes chickenpox, hence the vaccination is also known as the varicella vaccine. The vaccine is manufactured from a live virus that has been weakened.

Attenuated viruses are less virulent than viruses that have not been attenuated. Even though the virus in the chickenpox vaccine is often incapable of producing disease, it nevertheless activates the immune system. This is what provides someone who has received a chickenpox vaccine immunity or protection from the infection.

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    Age recommendations for taking the vaccine


    Age under 13

    1 st Dose : 2-15 months.
    2 nd Dose : 4-6 years.

    Age under 13

    2nd dose is given 28 days after the first dose.

    The chickenpox vaccination should be given twice to children under the age of 13. First when they are 12-15 months old and again when they are 4-6 years old. People aged 13 and above who have never had chickenpox or had the vaccination should have two doses separated by at least 28 days, especially if they work in healthcare or with children.

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    Immunity Factors among Family Members


    If people have inherited immunological problems from first-degree relatives (parents, siblings), they should see their doctor before getting the chickenpox vaccination (called immunodeficiencies).

    As long as they have a functioning immune system, most children with immune system abnormalities can safely get the varicella vaccination.

    Live vaccinations, such as the chickenpox vaccine, should be avoided by anybody with a compromised immune system. 


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    Answers to more questions here… 

    • If you’ve ever had a life-threatening adverse reaction to a prior dose of chickenpox vaccine or any of the vaccine’s ingredients, including gelatin or the antibiotic neomycin, you shouldn’t have the vaccination.
    • People who are moderately or seriously unwell at the time of the vaccination should wait until they have recovered before receiving the vaccine.
    • Chickenpox vaccination should not be given to pregnant women. They should wait until after they have given birth to obtaining the chickenpox vaccination. After receiving the chickenpox vaccination, women should wait one month before becoming pregnant.
    • If you have HIV/AIDS or any condition that impairs the immune system, you should see your doctor before getting the chickenpox vaccination.
    • If you are being treated for 2 weeks or more with immunosuppressive medicines, such as steroids
    • If Have you been diagnosed with cancer
    • If you are receiving radiation or drug therapy for cancer
    •  you have recently received a blood transfusion or other blood products

    The majority of chickenpox cases are mild and then get cured in five to ten days. However, in a minority of people, it can be very serious, even life-threatening.

    Infants, the elderly, and persons with compromised immune systems are at the most risk of serious, life-threatening consequences. However, anybody can experience major difficulties, 

    • Children under the age of 13 should get two doses.
    • 12 to 15 months for the first dosage
    • Between the ages of 4 and 6, the second dosage is administered.
    • If the second dose is given at least 3 months following the first, it can be given at a younger age.
    • People aged 13 and over who have never had chickenpox or had chickenpox vaccination should receive two doses separated by at least 28 days. Vaccination against chickenpox is extremely crucial for
    • Health-care providers
    • People who look after or are near those whose bodies are less capable of fighting infections and illness.
    • Teachers
    • Childcare professionals etc.

    There are two doses of the varicella vaccination. At the age of 12-18 months, a kid should receive his or her first vaccination. At the age of 4-6 years, the second shot should be administered. Adults and older children should have two doses, separated by four to eight weeks between the first and second.

    The chickenpox vaccine’s side effects are typically minor and include redness, pain, and swelling at the injection site. Getting the vaccination may cause a seizure, lung infection, or a whole-body rash in extremely rare cases. Because the virus in the chickenpox vaccine is too weak to cause disease, it will not produce chickenpox.