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Medilife Air Ambulance Services, Dubai

We are honoured to have one of the industry’s most experienced medical and logistical teams in the UAE.


For more than 4 Years, the team at Medilife Global has been at the forefront of the air ambulance and air medical transport industries. Our team's commitment and experience empower us to provide a smooth bedside-to-bedside travel experience from any point on earth.


Medilife Global is Dubai's leading air ambulance and medical transport provider offer support all over UAE, with over 110 missions carried out to date. We provide world-class medical care and bedside-to-bedside transportation on a global scale, with the most experienced air medical crew in the medical industry.


Medilife air ambulances are ready for almost any critical care scenario and offer the best patient care in some of the best hospitals. We also have our own fleet, unlike other Air ambulance services in Dubai, the most experienced medical crew members offer t a high-quality exceptional service across the board.

Specialist 24x7 Air Ambulance Services - From anywhere, to anywhere

Medilife Air Services provides a range of specialist transfer services by air and road across UAE and all over the world.


Once we get confirmation of the aeromedical service, Our emergency response team will be sent to the hospital for a pre-flight medical evaluation of the patient. The patient will be transported to the airport in a critical care ground ambulance by the Emergency Response medical team, where our icu aircraft will be waiting to fly the patient to the receiving hospital.


Our clients are gradually requesting our "Neonatal Services" when the patient is a pregnant woman who is in danger of giving birth prematurely. This service comprises our whole neonatal package as well as an ob-gyn specialist; hence, we are prepared to care for the mother-to-be and her baby if she gives birth before or during flight.


We specialise in critical patient transfer and have the experience to handle any medical condition, including intensive care patients on flights. Our aircrafts are equipped with all of the specialised equipment and drugs necessary for the proper care and transit of any medical condition, and our trained and experienced medical team ensures the patient will receive the best care possible.


We specialise in transporting children of all ages who require critical care, particularly infants. We've invested in cutting-edge technology and expert employees to handle the evacuation of critically ill newborns of any age.
Emergency Response is honored to be one of the most experienced businesses in the market when it comes to transporting premature or critically ill neonates across national and international limits. Our newborn and pediatrics intensive care specialists deliver the best care to these delicate and precious patients.


Patients who have been burned require extremely specialised attention. So we make sure that  the medical teams in charge of these patients are well trained and experienced to handle these types of critical situations


"Let someone thank you" . When it comes to delivering exceptional service to complete the transfer of organs, Emergency Response team has specific coordination for those situations where time is critical. They are committed to getting to the donor as soon as possible and to being at the receiver without delay.

Air ambulance services in UAE

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