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We are keeping ourselves ahead in the Medical field with a chain of Clinics, Pharmacies, Telemedicine, Home Healthcare, Medical Tourism & Air Ambulance services.

Medilife at home medical services Dubai

Why Us?

Medilife Healthcare Group is a global organization specialized in managing day to day medical needs of individuals. Medilife Healthcare Group is keeping itself ahead in the Medical field with a chain of Clinics, Pharmacies, Telemedicine, Home Healthcare, Medical Tourism, Medical Evacuation & Air Ambulance etc, with its regional offices in London, Australia, India, and has its headquarter in Dubai, UAE.
A group of doctors, scientists and management experts are continuously working to achieve the best out of health care. The main aim of the Medilife Team is to simplify the medical needs of each individual with the use of the latest digital health care technologies. Medilife’s unique operation model “DigiCare” makes life easier through elite health care services to improve lifestyle without compromising the quality.

Our Services

Medilife has a network in 62 countries across the globe. We receive patients from different parts of the world where treatment costs are relatively high and lack super speciality treatments. Most numbers of our patients are from Oman, Nigeria, Sudan, Yemen, UAE etc. On a few occasions, we send them to inbound countries for quality treatment services.

Air Ambulance

While shifting of the patient by road is impossible or crucial due to patient health condition and time factor, an air ambulance service could be utilized to save time and ensure a smooth transfer.

Home Care

Medilife’s skilled medical professionals provide home healthcare services including doctor-on-call, skilled nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.


The facilities at Medilife Clinics combine state-of-the-art amenities and world-class service standards. Our goal is to provide a high level of expertise and services in a calming professional atmosphere combined with the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment.


With years of global experience and with a commitment to providing excellent results and quality patient care, the team is committed to giving the patients the best care possible. We are committed to educating the patients on proper drug administration along with the best quality medicines prescribed by the Physicians.

Health Care Management

Medilife Healthcare Management Team ensures proper administration and operational management for the smooth functioning of healthcare systems without compromising the quality and value through proper training and orientations.

Online Pharmacy

Our online pharmacy provides the best quality tablets at the best price possible. Our well organized logistic service will ensure that you will get the fastest delivery of the package.

Medical Tourism

Patients across the world travel to different destinations for medical treatment. They have various reasons like cost affordability, access to super speciality. Few of them want to get refreshments by travelling to wellness destinations. As a medical facilitator, we help our customers with comprehensive support for their medical travel needs.


Launching soon telemedicine services across our global facilities. Patients will get instant consultation to their queries through this service. In addition, they can order their prescribed medicines through our other services such as Online Pharmacy.

Medtouch Cure

Medtouch Cure is the curation of different Healthcare Services offered by Medilife Healthcare such as Medical Tourism, Telemedicine and other clinical services.

Meet Our Team

MD Medilife Health Care dubai

Dr Navas Usman

Managing Director

Medilife health care services dubai

Johan P. Wikander

Director Operations

at home health care services dubai

Dr Abdul Rahman

Al Jassmi - Director

Eisa Mohammad

Board Director

Adv. Prins Joseph

Director Legal Affairs

Dhil Srinivas

Finance Director

Joyce Wangui

Director Intl Oper

Patients' Testimonials

It’s an amazing place for treatment. Specially staff and doctors, they are so friendly and humble which makes me feel so comfortable and they also provide the valuable advise to protect the body from diseases. I love their insurance policy system which has made me save lots of money.
Saleh Shams
Medilife provides the best homecare health services in Dubai. I got my PCR test done at home within 1 hour of booking and got my result in 5 hours. Highly recommended.
Joel SG

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